Unforeseen Lockdown

The university's sudden lockdown due to reports of an "armed and dangerous" individual left the campus community stunned..

Alert Carolina Update

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Digital Vigilance:

UNC-Chapel Hill Police turned to social media, sharing a possible suspect's image on X (formerly Twitter), stressing safety and vigilance.

Cancellation Cascade

All classes and events were canceled for the day, disrupting the campus routine as a precautionary measure.

Gunfire Reports

.Disturbingly, there were reports of gunshots and injuries within Caudill Labs, causing further alarm among students and staff.

Elusive Suspect

Despite initial reports of a captured suspect, Alert Carolina confirmed that the individual was still at large, sparking concern.

Rapid Response

Videos circulated on social media depicted a swift and comprehensive police response, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Health System Alert

The UNC health system remained vigilant, with Communication Specialist Tom Hughes ensuring that no patients were affected.